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Introduction to the game, develop skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Learn technical skills and game situation.





Athletes participate in skills led by Coach Eric Saxton and TGP Golf Staff. This program is designed to develop the all-around game of golf, putting, chipping, driving, mid-range irons, long-range irons, game management, rules, and golf etiquette.  





Sports Performance Elevated, Enhanced & Developed) Improve quickness and agility to set yourself apart from your competition. Improve your overall athleticism and power for all sports played. 


NFL Flag Football



Introduction to the game, develop skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Learn dribbling, passing, and shooting. 

NFL Flag Football

NFL Flag Football

NFL Flag Football


Introduction to the game, develop skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Learn throwing, catching, and footwork. 


NFL Flag Football

NFL Flag Football


Introduction to the game, develop skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Learn batting, fielding, sliding, and throwing. 

Camps and Private Training


Contracted Sports Camps

Pre K – 8th Grade/Early Childhood/Daycare

Parents want their kids to be involved in sports anyway. Why not give them a chance to be taught by professionals? TGP has developed a unique way of teaching kids sportsmanship, teamwork, exercise, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and agility in a fun environment.

Occasionally we bring in professional athletes to assist with our camps. This camp is going to one they will never forget.
Sport Camps will include soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. These camps will give kids an opportunity to set them apart from their competition, improve their athleticism, and give them that “edge” they are looking for.  

The Pro Camp School

The Pro Camp School is instructed by top professionals. These camps give every child an opportunity to increase their level of sports performance. Kids will learn how to improve all aspects of their particular sport, mentally and physically. These camps improve their chances of receiving scholarships, both for High School and College, with the ultimate goal of becoming a professional athlete.  

Trying Out for a Team?

Well you're in luck, let us evaluate, examine, determine your strengths and weaknesses both mentally and physically.

We will develop a short/long term plan to get you on the team or lead the team.

Private Training

Group Training
Team Training


All available with elite coaching! 

About Me


Coach Saxton

   Coach Eric Saxton is the president, and founder of Totally Groomed Pro's. He was born in Chicago, IL, and now resides in St. Louis, MO. Eric & his future wife Crystal have three children  Arrion, Quin, and Zachary. Eric played Little League baseball for Jackie Robinson West, where he was a three-time infield All-Star.  He went on to attend Luther South High School in Chicago, IL. There, he was selected as a two-position Player of the Year, as a corner back and tailback.  
    Eric was recruited by a high School in Arkansas.  There he lettered in football, baseball, and basketball.  He was the only player to lead the team in rushing yards and tackles in the same season.  He led the basketball team to two State Runner-Up titles.  Eric went on to attend Capital University, but his college career was cut short when he was given the opportunity to play in the NFL.  He endured a brutal tryout with the Cleveland Browns, and had a brief playing period with the Toronto Argos.  He ran a 4.29 – 40 yrd dash, but failed to develop the skills to compete in the NFL.  Eric is quoted as saying and firmly believes; 
  ”If only I would have had someone to teach me the techniques at an earlier age, I would have been a dominant force in the league.”

    Eric knows from personal experience what a difference the right grooming can make for an aspiring athlete. His mission is to provide kids the opportunity to develop skills, and sportsmanship they need to excel through professionally run sports camps.



  • Totally Groomed Pros (TGP) is a professionally run sports camp that teaches kids the skills to play virtually any sport, in an age-appropriate environment, while also having lots of fun. Kids will learn how to catch, throw, dribble, shoot, pass and more.
    The Mission

  • TGP’s mission is to provide professional sports camps that are intended to introduce kids into sports, by teaching fundamentals, sportsmanship, and the rules upon which the game is to be played. Also, to provide the opportunity for kids to meet and learn from professional athletes whenever possible.  


Coaching Philosophy

TGP's looking to the future!  

Society future! Professional sports in general future! Will be changed and headed in the right direction for many years if you get us involved, we feel our expertise will make a difference now and in the future.

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our coaching/training model that has proven success in producing professionalism for boys and girls  through sports.

Proven theory I've worked closely with professional athletes as well as prestigious athletic clubs.  I see the need to keep the brain competing even if it's very mildly, it's the ultimate stress reliever.

These athletes are obviously gifted but also wired different and if their brain doesn't physically get maxed out on a daily bases proper decisions aren't made.

Environment change is imperative.  Asking a high motor person to sit through a speech, video or lecture without an activity to exhaust the brain enough to really focus is like teaching a dog without treats. It's very difficult.

We hope we have your attention because here is the solution.

TGP's Sports Camp

Sports Unlimited 




Flag Football


NHL Street Hockey


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